Hornby-Dublo Pre-War

Some other gems sold at Christie's Auction

Anthony Bianco and some of the treasures sold at Christie's Auction


As stated in the Christie's sale catalogue of 1996, a pre-war scene was retained. This probably contains amongst the very finest surviving examples of pre-war Hornby-Dublo. Most of the locomotives retain the incredibly rare original cardboard wrappers and the boxes are generally of a stunning quality.

As to condition as mentioned in the Christie's catalogue;

"Unlike other parts of the collection, duplicate pre-war wagons were not disposed of in the 1970's and early 80's. As is generally known, a significant number of pre-war bases and, particular, wheels, suffer from distortion or from 'fatigue'.  In general, wagons and coaches have been separated from their bases/bogies and reassembled with the best bases being amalgamated with the best tops. Original tops, bases, restraining clips and couplings have been used throughout. All items of rolling stock have been test run, with pre-war wheels being retained were possible. Where unsatisfactory for running, the wheels have been replaced with those from immediately post-war Hornby-Dublo wagons of the period up to 1950. As a result of this process, a very large collection of pre-war wagons has been substantially reduced, as a result of the discarded bases and bogies."


Note: If you are unfamiliar with the pre war track variations look at the entry for Pre War Track Display


The Christie's Flyer showing the stunning quality of the 1996 sale items.

The Christie's Flyer showing the stunning quality of the 1996 sale items.

Part of the retained Hornby 00 pre war scene - now being released.